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Warrior Painted BIG

Warrior Painted BIG

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The Warrior BIG is wide, super stable and built using our toughest, most durable materials.

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Product description

The BIG is a suitable board for all ability levels. This board has enough volume to let you paddle the lakes with the family dog or tandem with one of your kids. It can handle a little extra weight without compromising performance. Compression molding construction method gives the outer skin of the board a consistent thickness adding to the strength. The BIG is the perfect board for larger paddlers seeking an 11’ versatile board. 

Package includes: Board, Bag, Fin, Leash, 2 Piece Carbon Paddle



Size: 11'0" x 34” x 5”

Construction: Compression Molded Epoxy

Total Capacity:Up to 250 lbs

Board Weight:32 lbs




Construction Type


kahuna Warrior
kahuna warrior

Our WARRIOR Series has been manufactured for the past 4 years using a proven method of epoxy construction called "Compression Molding". The compression molding process starts by using a CNC machine for precise and consistent shaping of the WARRIOR Series blanks. The precision shaping allows the board blank to fit and be compressed in our exclusive KAHUNA mold. We apply heat with vacuum pressure to aid the curing process ensuring shell consistency and strength. For added rail strength and overall board durability, the standing zone has an additional top layer of fiberglass cloth wrapping over the deck and extending to the underside of the board.

The 2018 WARRIOR Series still features the “K-Rail”, an extra 6” layer of Kevlar cloth that wraps the entire rail. This Kevlar wrap adds resistance to paddle strikes and dock dings. Another great feature that remains is the “3K Carbon Standing Zone”. Adding a layer of carbon weave not only adds to the durability of the board but makes this area stiffer, more resistant to heel dents. This also reduced our board weight by 2.7%.

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review

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