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12'6 Comp 10th Anniversary

Kahuna 12'6 Comp 10th Anniversary

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This carbon board is light and fast! The race-oriented design features a displacement hull with a negative nose angle and a v-shaped bow. This allows the board to track straight and cut through choppy water with ease.

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Product description

Since 3k carbon is known for its light weight and stiffness, we decided to go for most advanced construction for our 10 year anniversary. We sandwiched a full top layer of 3K Carbon with a Formula 1 cosmetic that only weighs in at approximately 27lbs, that’s crazy light board at 12’6”.

Our custom EPS foam core and the Full 3K Carbon Epoxy Sandwich Vacuum Construction (ESVC), the CARBON COMP is not only light but super stiff.

Paddlers know that stiff boards are fast because of the reduced flex in the board allowing for superior glide qualities. At 30" wide and with increased volume in the standing zone, we have designed the CARBON COMP so the paddler can stand further up on the deck reducing paddle strikes to the sides of the board.

The 10 year Anniversary CARBON COMP is a very fast board in all wind directions and a proven performer on the water!

Package Includes: Board, Bag, Fin, Leash, 2 Piece Carbon Paddle


Size: 12’6” x 30” x 6”

Construction: Epoxy Sandwich

Total Capacity: Up to 250 lbs

Board Weight: 27 lbs

Construction Type

kahuna Carbon Comp
kahuna Carbon Comp

All KAHUNA EPIC SERIES models are hand shaped and use an Epoxy Sandwich Vacuum Construction (ESVC). The foam blank is wrapped with 2 full layers of fiberglass cloth on the top & bottom. A 3rd layer is added to the top of the board and is sandwiched with either fiberglass cloth, bamboo veneer. or 3k Carbon.

For overall strength and durability, the standing zone has an additional top layer of fiberglass cloth wrapping over the deck extending to the underside of the board. The board is then vacuum bagged for perfect consistency producing a strong epoxy sandwich.

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review