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Thermic C-PACK REPLACEMENT BATTERY 1700B (individual)

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Individual replacement battery for Therm-ic heated insoles and footbed elements.

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Product description

The C-Pack 1700 B batteries are the most effective in the range and thanks to the Bluetooth function you will be able to control the intensity of your heat remotely.

Batteries sold individually. Charger not included. 

The Therm-ic C-Pack 1700 with Bluetooth is by far one of the best ways to manage the heat in your boots. The C-Pack 1700 with Bluetooth connection offers up to 17 hours of power to keep your toes warm all day.

Features of the Therm-ic C-Pack 1700 with Bluetooth....

  • The C-Pack 1700 is suitable for use with the Therm-ic Heat Kit, Heat Flat insoles, or Heated 3D insoles.
  • The C-Pack batteries will not work with older Therm-ic insoles 2017 and older.
  • The batteries attach to the velcro power strap on your ski boots or optional velcro power strap. Then plug them in and turn on the battery power for warm toes.
  • The C-Pack 1700 lithium-ion batteries will last many years and can be charged hundreds of times with proper use and care.

Bluetooth app features..

  • You can download the free Therm-ic app for Android and iOS phones.
  • The Therm-ic Bluetooth app gives you 10 heat settings instead of the regular 3 settings and you have a pause setting so when you go inside for a break, you can save battery power. You can also turn the batteries off from your phone.
  • You can individually adjust the heat of each battery. One battery can be set higher than the other. Great feature for people with a problem foot.
  • The Therm-ic app allows you to determine the maximum heat setting for a period of time. Example; If you know you'll be on the slopes for 6 hours, you can set the batteries to deliver the maximum heat for the 6 hours.
  • You have ECO mode which allows you to conserve battery power by allowing you to choose to alternate between 9 minutes of use and 2 minutes of standby mode. When the device is in standby mode, your screen also goes into standby mode. When this mode is activated you can no longer change the heating levels individually.
  • In Motion Control mode, you can automatically manage your batteries according to your activity. For example, you can choose to lower the heat setting level by -1 when you are moving saving battery power.

You get three default heat settings to determine the amount of heat you want with the touch of one button, but when you use the Therm-ic app, you'll get 10 heat settings and a pause.

  • The low setting offers 37°C or 99°F of heat for 15-17 hours.
  • The medium setting offers 113°F or 45°C of heat for 7-9 hours.
  • The high setting offers 70°C or 158°F of heat for 4-5 hours.

The duration period depends on the charged status of the batteries, the age of the batteries and the outdoor ambient temperature. For longer battery time, turn the power down a setting if your toes are warm and turn the batteries off when inside for break or for lunch. 

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